Family Ministries at Mills River UMC represents a new understanding of the importance of equipping, supporting, and connecting families of the community with one another and with God. From activities that take place in a children’s Sunday School class to Sunday night youth to even young adult outings, our hope is to connect the families of our congregations in deeper ways and eliminate some of the silos that have existed within our programming.  A congregation that engages in programming with a focus on family ministries emphasizes the importance of the family serving as the primary source of spiritual guidance for children and youth.


As the body of Christ, we are called to empower and walk alongside the parents and caretakers of our church family as they seek to provide spiritual formation to their children and youth. When we do so, we are responding to the baptismal covenant that we all speak aloud when each child is baptized – promising to nurture them and help them in their faith journeys for their entire lives.

I encourage everyone, not just those with children and youth, to take a look at the upcoming Family Ministries events here at Mills River UMC! I truly believe the Holy Spirit is at work in new ways – revealing to us great ways to connect deeper to God and each other!
What’s Happening with Family Ministries