Mills River United Methodist Church Aaron’s Community

Special Needs Buddy Job Description


A Special Needs Buddy provides assistance, support, and friendship to a child, youth, or young adult with disabilities so that the family can participate in the programs and ministry of the church. Buddies can be assigned to students in large group settings, Sunday School, youth programming, or during other special events.


  • Church member aged 16 or older
  • Safe Sanctuary Training
  • Background Check
  • A desire to assist a child, youth, or young adults with special needs to

be part of Christian fellowship and to know and serve God.

  • Dependable
  • Willing to learn the unique needs and of individuals and ways to appropriately assist them while honoring their abilities.
  • Exercises integrity, sensitivity, and confidentiality. Treats each child and family with respect.

Responsibilities (will vary depending on needs of student assigned):

  • Provide necessary physical assistance for mobility, seating, game playing, and learning activities.
  • Assist with self-help skills such as eating and personal hygiene (Safe Sanctuary rules apply).
  • Utilize appropriate behavior management techniques specific to the student. Refer to the parent/guardian intake form.
  • Learn how the student communicates and assist in his or her communication with others.
  • Encourage social interaction among classmates.
  • Create the type of experience the student and family looks forward to having.

Aaron's Community Special Needs Volunteer Profile