Whether through a short-term study or a small group, there are many opportunities at
MRUMC to deepen one’s faith and grow in relationships with others. 
(For a complete list of Christian Education offerings for all ages, click here.)
Ongoing Classes and Small Groups
These small groups and classes are always open to visitors and new members! 
Young Adult Small Group
Facilitators: Dianne King (, Carolyn Dozier (, Bev Parris (
Where: Fellowship Hall
When: Sundays, 10-11am
Description:We are a group of young adults (college-age – 35ish) seeking to grow in our faith journey together. We aren’t afraid to ask questions, engage in deep conversation, and embrace people of different opinions. Our focus is to create a community where young adults feel a sense of community and belonging while moving deeper in their relationship with God.
Congregational Care Small Group
Facilitators: Rev. Jeff McCumber ( and Glenn Banning (
Where: Osborne Room
When: Tuesdays, 5-6pm
Description: Do you have a heart for caring? Do you want to reach out to people in need? Then, come join us! Our goal for this group is to grow together by loving those in our church and community. We feel strongly that our church is a family, and so we want to be there to support our brothers and sisters in Christ through life’s challenges. This group will engage in the work of reaching out (cards, visits, phone calls) and praying for those in need. We want people with a variety of gifts to join us in this ministry! If you have a heart for prayer but visiting feels daunting – no problem! If you have horrible handwriting but enjoy making an encouraging phone call – we want you! Regardless of where you’re at – we want to help each other grow in being a reflection of Christ in the world.
Parent’s Small Group
Facilitators: Rev. Kayln Wiley (, Chad Bandy (, Dana Braznell (
Where: Downstairs in Christian Education Building
When: Sundays, 5-6pm
Description: This class is for any parent/guardian looking to connect with others who are also parents! In this space, parents can come to gather to explore the Bible, topics about parenthood, and grow in relationship with others. This is a space welcoming to parents of all ages and life experiences, so come join us!
God’s Room
Facilitator: Sue Ciaramitaro (
Where: God’s Room, Upstairs in Christian Education Building
When: Sundays, 5-6pm
Description: God’s Room is a small group committed to doing life and learning about God together. Through short-term studies, occasional gatherings outside of church, and praying for one another, we welcome anyone into our group who desires to develop long-lasting and deep relationships with others.
Friendship Class
Facilitators: Leonard Poteet (828-685-8421)
Where: Osborne Room
When: Sundays, 10-11am
Description: This class is for older adults, and we use the Adult Bible Studies literature.
Bible Class
Facilitators: Will McClung ( and Linda Westmoreland (
Where: Fellowship Hall Classroom
When: Sundays, 9:45-10:30am
Description: This class is for older adults. This group follows an open discussion format, and we use the International Bible Lessons curriculum. 
Koinonia Small Group
Facilitator: Eric Rathburn (
Where: Koinonia Classroom (Upstairs in Christian Education Building)
When:Sundays, 9:45-10:45am
Description: We are a welcoming, fun group of folks of all ages who study different books of the Bible together. Come join us! 
Chapel Time
Facilitator: Tommy Webster (
Where: Historic Chapel
When; Sundays, 5-6pm
Description: Originally created for members of Chancel Choir, this small group is now open to all who desire to join us! We enjoy singing old-time hymns together, praying together, and sharing in weekly devotionals based on different scripture each week. 
Fall 2018 Short-Term Offerings
These short-term classes and groups require signing up in advance. To get more information and to sign up for these classes, contact Rev. Kayln Wiley or the group facilitator.
Disciple III (Fast Track)
Facilitator: Sue Ciaramitaro (
Where: Downstairs in Christian Education Building
When: Sundays, 5-6:15pm
Duration: Sunday, September 9 – Sunday, December 9
Description: The study is ideal for busy people who want to fit an in-depth Bible study into their schedule. This study examines the connection between memory and identity as the people of God. Participants will find common themes, including calls to remember, calls to repent, calls for renewal, and calls for community. In this study, there are 12 sessions on the Old Testament Major and Minor Prophets (except Daniel) and on the 13 New Testament letters traditionally attributed to Paul. The prophets and Paul are continually calling hearers and readers back to their God and to a sense of who they are as a people “set apart.” Daily reading assignments are designed to establish the historical context in which the Prophets and Paul worked.
Book of James
Facilitator: Rev. Ashley Crowder Stanley (
Where: Sanctuary
When: Wednesdays, 6-7pm
Duration: October 17, October 25, November 7, November 14
Description: This four-week small group study will take participants through James. 
Keep it Shut: What to Say, When to Say It, and How to Say Nothing at All
Facilitator: Pat Johnson (
Where: Fellowship Hall
When: Mondays, 9:30-11:30am
Duration: October 1 – November 5
Description:Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman, is a six-session small group Bible study that explores how to control the tongue. Each session features a different character from the Bible, using them either as an example of someone to emulate or whose verbal actions we should avoid replicating. Unsolicited opinion-slinging, speaking the truth in love, not saying words just to people-please, and dealing with our verbal anger are sub-topics that will also be addressed.