Frequently Asked Questions
What’s Adult Vacation Bible School?
The Bible School is held Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings beginning at 9:30 with gathering and social time and then the Bible School sessions from 10:00 to noon (with a short break). Each session of Biblical storytelling and teaching, music, humor and worship ends at 12 followed by a catered meal. We will be concentrating on Gospels texts from the life of Jesus, teaching them in contemporary context and application. There will be periods of reflection and worship as well as interaction and fellowship around the tables.
Who is Ed Kilbourne?
Ed has been a singer, storyteller, and folk-theologian for over 50 years, and he will use all of these elements in this event. Ed works hard to make sure that every event and presentation is both inspirational and amusing. During a professional career of 8000-plus solo appearances over the last 40 years, he has worked in every region of the United States and toured in Europe.
Is there a minimum age requirement for this event?
No! Anyone is welcome to spend this time with us!
What if the cost is prohibiting me from attending?
lease feel free to reach out to any of the pastors here at MRUMC.
Do I have to attend church at MRUMC to attend?
No! The entire community is welcome!